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By YOU Home Success Coach – Jessica Crouch

I had a bit of an “aha” moment during a conversation with my mentor from Shaklee this week. As we shared about our journeys to be the person we want to be as we do life & business, he told me his secret. When people ask him what he does to fill his calendar with musical gigs, he tells them he works on being a better person and helping others. Sure, he has a website and sends some invitations, yet his minimal marketing efforts have not impeded his success. For years, he yearned for this success. At his previous day-job with a staffing agency, he rose to top salesman (accidently) by providing friendly, consistent service and genuinely wanting to help both employers and employees. This revelation encouraged him to try the same sort of method in his musical career . . . and he just received an invitation to record with a big name!

When we talked this week, he said he looked forward to me sharing a similar story this time next year: I grew my business and achieved many different kinds of success by focusing on others instead of my business. I told him this excited and scared me all at the same time . My income supports my health habit, so risking income risks my health (and that of my son). At the same time, I believe when I fully surrender my business (and life) and focus on self-improvement & service to others, my business will flourish. Trying to control my business presents more of a risk than serving and living by faith. I know this still requires follow-up, networking, and other business activities. I just need to let go of my illusion of control to receive peace; then I can show-up with an energy that contributes and serves.

For this type-A, first born organizer, giving up control does not come easily. In some ways, this time of year makes it easier to get in the spirit of peace and service. In other ways, people often lose focus on their health habits (the basis of my business) with the holidays and their aftermath, and I start to worry if I will reach MY goals. Now we have come full circle – my fear of missing personal goals gets in the way of helping others reach theirs. Several years ago at convention, our owner Roger Barnett reminded us that “inside of you is a power great than you can imagine” and encouraged us to “invert fear”. Another wise person shared the same idea through the moral of a story: and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom. I think I am almost there . Where do you need to take the risk to blossom as we start the new year?




Jessica Crouch

Jessica Crouch

"If you give a mouse a cookie, . . ." Born in St. Louis, Jessica Crouch attended Catholic schools until she majored in engineering in college – because an interest inventory recommended it. After a change of heart and too many credits to restart, she studied Engineering Management – her first introduction to team projects, presentations, and managing an engineer (i.e. her husband). This added "M.R.S." degree led to the Disney World College program, Iowa, a professional organizing business, a whole new world of natural health & wellness through Shaklee, and a baby. Jessica now has a passion to help other moms who want to live a healthy life, especially staying home with their kids AND working part time from home - without pulling their hair out and still loving their kids J. With Shaklee as her biggest resource she creates healthier lives to empower others to live their dreams &