Mommy-preneur Musings

Mommy-preneur Musings

By: Jessica Crouch

This mommy loved her busy life – and then I felt the call (not desire) to have a child. Before, during, and after my pregnancy I debated where to squeeze mothering into a full schedule.

I quickly learned that I had to squeeze my full schedule into the busyness of motherhood. I had laid the foundation to work from home, and I quickly felt frustrated with my son because his needs made it difficult to work from home. After a year of flying by the seat of my pants and not enjoying much of my son or my businesses, I knew something had to change.

Through business coaching, I learned that I tried to be a full-time mommy AND part-time businesswoman . . . and that math does not work. Once I made the decision to work both part-time and started to create my life as such, I spent more time on my business yet yielded less results; I knew I had to look inside. About that time, someone in Bible study mentioned that Mary nurtured Jesus to become his purpose; she did not make him Jesus. Wow – this felt like permission to be a good, nurturing mom without having to LOVE being a mom – which actually makes it easier to enjoy the little moments.

Now, a handful more aha’s like this one, and I may release enough negative energy to make way for thriving, abundant businesses. Throughout my years working in natural health & wellness, I have learned that healthy thinking/mindset/attitude provides the most natural foundation for all other areas of health. I do great during high times and feel like a scared, mad little girl during low times.

In addition to daily inspiration, weekly mentoring, moms groups, bible study, and positive-thinking conference calls, I added a mantra or affirmation for this month to reach the deep-rooted negativity that sabotages my efforts and dreams: I LOVE money and it is good; I LOVE Shaklee and it is good; I LOVE motherhood and it is good; I LOVE being a wife and it is good; I LOVE Iowa and it is good; there is enough abundance for everyone to thrive so I can receive and give it to anyone in any industry, including mine.

I can tell I hit a chord because I felt a little “ick” writing that. In the footsteps of successful organizations, I make daily course corrections in my journey of continuous improvementso I can enjoy serving through being my purpose.



Jessica Crouch"If you give a mouse a cookie, . . ." Born in St. Louis, Jessica Crouch attended Catholic schools until she majored in engineering in college – because an interest inventory recommended it. After a change of heart and too many credits to restart, she studied Engineering Management – her first introduction to team projects, presentations, and managing an engineer (i.e. her husband). This added "M.R.S." degree led to the Disney World College program, Iowa, a professional organizing business, a whole new world of natural health & wellness through Shaklee, and a baby. Jessica now has a passion to help other moms who want to live a healthy life, especially staying home with their kids AND working part time from home - without pulling their hair out and still loving their kids J. With Shaklee as her biggest resource she creates healthier lives to empower others to live their dreams &