Ending the overwhelm after loss

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Ending the overwhelm after loss

By YOU partner Myste Lyn

Holidays are times when our hearts soften and we have down time, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; we may experience a deepening where it feels like our heart is being massaged and places are touched that we forgot or never knew existed.  When my mother passed on I was in awe of the depth of my feeling.  I had no idea I was capable of such a deep sensory experience.


Heightened feelings can seem overwhelming and our tendency may be to deny, distract, or ignore our more intense feelings.  These reactions are normal.  Our DNA is programmed to respond with fight, flight, or freeze when we encounter something that frightens us, and for many people, myself included, big feelings can be frightening.


When we lose something or someone we love, be it a failed relationship, a death, the loss of a job, or any number of losses, the loss of our self-confidence can easily follow which can lead to depression, a sustained dark mood.


I have experienced numerous losses, and expect to experience more; I recall a university professor saying “Loss is a condition of that comes with being human”.  At the time I resisted this, and now I’m at a point of understanding.  After experiencing losses and living in the dark for too long, I finally developed a personal process and practice to help get me through these times and step into my life’s purpose (or one of them).  In the space below is a greatly condensed version of my practice.


Personal Practice: Bringing Light to Loss

  • Pay attention to how you feel, do this throughout each day
  • When a strong feeling comes, acknowledge it, create space for it to be with you, accept it
  • Breathe deeply and connect with your higher power

o   Feelings are our inner guidance system

o   All feelings are to be respected and honoured (even sadness and anger)

  • Take time to sit quietly and fully feel your feeling
  • Allow it a voice

o   Write it out or express it with a medium of your choice

o   Dialogue with this part of you from a place of loving compassion: Ask questions

  • Shift your pen into your other hand to receive the answer
  • Indent your answer so you can go back and read over the conversation
  • Allow your higher self to nurture your fear/strong feeling

Breathe deeply and practice self acceptance.

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MysteMy mission is to bring light to the dark clouds and taboos that surround death, dying and loss. During this unique time in human history, my sense is that once enough people, a critical mass, has overcome their fear of death and loss, and begun to view these experiences as potential for personal growth, then we will uncover latent human potential that will shift us globally into higher consciousness and the next era of life on earth.”

Through her ‘Bittersweet Breakthrough™’ program, she helps people navigate through the deep feelings and despair that can arise when faced with great loss. She is a gentle guide leading the way on the path to inner strength, confidence, and a reaffirmed faith in the future. Myste Lyn specializes in releasing fears; her genius lies in reconnecting people with their place of peace, what she calls the Inner Divine. www.BittersweetBlessing.com