Presents – Are you present in your life?

You are a present to the world – when you are present.

One of the most destructive things kids are taught WHAT to think, WHAT to do, WHAT to say. Instead of HOW to think, do or say. Unless you have been hot and heavy doing inner child work then the old WHAT programming (that’s what I will call it) is blocking you from BEING YOU, and YOU BEING you just as you are, right now, is the very gift the world needs and exactly what is going to let you THRIVE.

This short video is a meditation practice to get break the WHAT and get into the HOW – only this time instead of anyone or anything outside of your teaching you HOW – you get to reparent yourself, healing your inner child and connecting with your brilliant self.

Let me know what you think after you do it, by leaving a comment below.

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