Selfish or Self Aware

My house is filled with laughter and joy right now as five girls between the ages of 7 and 9 bond over animals, art and jewelry making. If fills me with great joy to hear their comments to one another: “You’re the best artist in class,” one girl says and the other replies, “and you’re amazing at spelling.” They laugh and continue on with their play. As a parent, I try my hardest to support my girls’ natural talents and help them build their esteem with their God-given gifts.

Our heavenly Father wants to build up your esteem; especially in the areas, he has seeded you with excellence.  But many of us lose touch with our natural gifts as we are raised being told lies such as,“Don’t be a starving artist,” or strong suggestions from well-meaning parents like, “Are you going to be a doctor or a lawyer?”

Have you been mislead? Your divine gifts may or may not be a profitable business. Your gifts may not ever express themselves as a career. But when you are expressing your gifts, be it art or the ability to make people feel comfortable in a room, God wants you to remember the seed of brilliance He planted in you. So you will shine brighter in the world and feel more confident, joyful and in harmony with life because you will be living your divinity.


How do you turn up your God given light and water the seed of excellence God planted within you?

A sneak peak into week 2 of the Divine 9 program and one of the foundations of The Joy Club is being revealed.

What we focus on building more awareness to builds in our life. One of the areas crucial for you to bring awareness is to yourself—in order to see the beauty and blessing God has flowered within you.

The world has taught us to feel guilty or bad when we take time for ourselves, as though we have to earn our relaxation, celebration, and fun. Otherwise, we’re told we are breaking the rules. Not being good Christians. The Bible does warn us about being self-absorbed and thinking about ourselves as mini gods, but then it tells us to be self-controlled and to follow God in all things. Which brings to mind the question – God, where are you?  God is within. Within us, ” Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?” 1 Cor. 3:16

Show God how you trust His ability to create life. By believing you are His child, you are enough, you are divinely made, give thanks to God by celebrating you.  Let go of the fear and take on the cloak of awareness so you don’t fall into the new age trap of believing you are capable of knowing yourself without Gods hand guiding you.  God made you, there is not a better way to truly know God than to look within, have self-control and then serve the Kingdom by sharing the gifts He has seeded within you.  God gave you a body fill of wisdom and a mind capable of co-creating, by studying these tools God gave you to witness and serve in this world you are not breaking rules. Study yourself, uncover your natural gift and in all this turn toward our great God and celebrate Him by sharing His seeds and He has taught me that I am that seed and so are you.  We have a choice to either drink His Holy Water and grow into great vines or just drink enough to get by.  This week, I invite you to search for God by being aware of the gifts He as seeded in you. Water then and bringing fun, celebration, and pleasure into your life every day, all in the name of celebrating God’s grace upon you.



To begin, pull out a piece of paper or your journal and make a list using the questions below to prompt you. For a while, reflect on this list daily as you start to turn your life into a joyful, celebratory time of thanksgiving. YOU ARE ALIVE—make it all it can be!

1)      What thing would you do if no one would judge you for it? Remember the only judge we are asked to take into consideration is Father God and Christ. Even Christ did things that others judged as wrong while He was listening to our Father. (Healing on the sabbath)  Take a moment and connect with God, close your eyes and listen. What is God asking you to do that you are not doing because you are fearful of the judgment of others?

2)      What activities make you feel pampered?

3)      What talents and gifts come naturally to you, where do you excel in life?

4)      What do you want? (Money and time are no object, so allow yourself to dream with your heart and not your head.)

5)      Write down what makes your spirit soar, fills you with passion, and makes you scream, “Thank you, God, for this life” while smiling from ear to ear.

Now in JOY find the time to treat yourself like a princess (or prince) in God’s Kingdom. How would God pamper His princess? Treat yourself, pleasure yourself, and dream about what inspires you. Fill yourself up and give thanks while you celebrate God’s greatest gift: YOU. 

Take a moment and watch this… Kingdom Training 101-  The Joy Club – God wants us to be joyful, confident in Him and aware of our purpose.


A quote from someone other than me –  “A little secret I am going to share with you here is that getting your bliss starts with finding the bliss WHERE YOU ARE.”

Shine bright sisters and brothers and leave a comment below!!  YOU MATTER – (have you joined our school of HIGHEST learning (highest because you discover you.)