Sexy, Fit, Body… How to access your inner beauty and let her shine!

This month our CEO Antiqua Libbey, was called out to share her light by one of our great program leaders Kate, from

Every month Kate interviews on her TV show someone who is a shining example of inner beauty in her life and here business. And this month our very own Antiqua, the CEO of Your Own University was the light.

Kate says: Antiqua is dedicated to YOUR success. “When you succeed, I succeed.” Is her motto. As a yoga teacher trainer, trauma transformer and best selling author and international radio host Antiqua knows that no matter what your story is, you are made of solid gold.
Her specialty is to help you let go of all the drama, trauma and disbelief that is standing between you and your destiny and then help you leap over years of “start-up” struggle to step into your dreams. She is your empowerment coach ~ with a tool box full of ageless beauty and success tips up her sleeve. She is dedicated to empowering big vision women around with world to be the change they seek.

Watch this fun candid video

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