5 Steller ways to be the next super star empowerment coach

5 Stellar Ways To Be The Next Super Star Empowerment Coach!

By Antiqua Lisha


You know you have some powerful programs that will change your client’s lives.  Hey, you’re the next best-kept secret in personal development.  But no one knows your name – let’s go over some of the most effective ways you can change that today.

As a coach you probably have heard this, taught this and preached this first tip, yet, not matter how successful you get this daily practice is a must.

#1) Believe you are the expert no matter what.   Yup, that is it.  You can keep studying “HOW” to do business forever. But magic happens when you can take a stand and make it non-negotiable that your programs and messages get to the masses.  Choose to be the expert in your own life and business.

Debunk the big myth that it takes forever to gain visibility and fame in an industry. What it does take is:

#2) Join a community, no one get’s known on their own.  It is all about who knows you, join groups that are doing what you want to do and get yourself known.  Hooking my clients up with opportunities to fuel their dreams within our community is one of the most rewarding parts of being a Risings Star coach. Join our community for free here.

Now what I am about to say maybe out of the box but if you have the next best program that will help a ton of people be happy, healthy and wealthy then this one is a must.

#3) Don’t wait for someone to discover your services, discover yourself.  What I mean is research and seek-out opportunities to position yourself and your biz in front of people; in other words go get what you want. If you want to speak more go find a group that books speakers, if you want to write a book seek out collaboration projects and get startedJoin this collaboration group today and get started asking.


Now let’s get into the visual of the whole thing.  This piece I have been learning over the past year with myself and my businesses.  Ask yourself this question:

#4) Do you know your style?  Your personal unique look, the one that lights you up and makes you feel fierce, powerful and sassy? If not it is time to hire a stylist and get your look together and then work your look. Then bring it into your marketing making your brand as unique as you are.

Last but not least create a clear vision of what you desire for your business, just because your fellow friend is getting noticed as a writer doesn’t mean it’s the right move for you and your personality.

#5) It’s refreshing to get super clear know how you want your vision to  feel, touch and smell. Once you know where you are going you can work backwards. To master this skill you can hire a visibility coach and become the Rising Star that you already know you are destined for.

Hey, let’s get clear today! Register here for a FREE 30 minute discovery call with me and start making your rising star plan.