The Event – How to embody your genius.

When preparing for any big event there is preparation. 

1) Hours to learn new habits, discover exactly how your unique personality is going to handle the event. 

2) There is a period of confidence building.

3) One of self-questioning and doubt. 

4) Then again the test when your commitment to your own greatness is measured. 

5) You either say yes to your greatness. 

Or you don’t.

6) When you do say yes. 

7) You settle in and accept your role in the event. You put your all into it. 

Your trust yourself more completely. 

And then as the event comes closer your feel it through your whole body. 

You get nervous. 

8)You repeat the precious steps ~ this time on a race track. 

9) You commit again to be all you know you are, to say yes to the experience. 

Then you surrender. 

10) Then life begins. You with new eyes, you with more presents, you know that you can and have and will again. 

The event is happening, every moment you choose to believe in the kingdom and queendom of unlimited possibility within yourself ~ do, practice and be the greatest expression of love ~ no matter what. 

Then you do it all again. 

?, Lisha Antiqua (Your Own University)