The One Thing You Must Know to Live the Greatest Life Possible

The One Thing You Must Know to Live the Greatest Life Possible

By YOU coach Michael Robins

“Know thyself,” an aphorism written on The Temple of Apollo at Delphi, is a cryptic statement of the utmost importance. The most important knowledge is who you really are. The overwhelmingly majority of the people on Earth do not know who they really are. They are tricked into thinking and believing that they are their bodies, their thoughts and feelings, and what has happened to them, and is happening, to them. That is the movie they are watching, but far more important, and far more powerful, is what enables the movie to happen- the power source of the movie, which is our real self and true identity, and the purpose it has for us being in the movie. Our real identity is ingeniously hidden because it can’t be seen or experienced with our senses or known by the mind that speaks so loudly and recurrently in our heads.

Because most people don’t experience this inner reality, it doesn’t exist for them. But it can be experienced and known. In fact, that is the true purpose of life on Earth, and that knowledge and experience will radically alter everything for you for the best. You are unimaginably greater than you think; your destiny is astoundingly great and certain, and the wisdom and love this brilliance offers is unsurpassable. The character you are in the movie, with this knowledge, has a true and magnificent purpose, can have more power and control over the movie, and be so much happier than you are.

Would you like to have the keys to love, happiness, purpose, and power? Contemplate what kind of difference it would make in your life to always have direct access to love, joy, and power, to have greater control over your mind and feelings and the movie you are starring in, and to know a reality beyond your movie that can not only save you from your challenges and frustrations, but connect, exalt, and establish you as one with that supreme power that, with the big bang, created all things from nothing and sustains them with ease.

All of this goodness is your birth right, and you are invited to step into the miracle zone. However, understanding and a dedicated practice are required for you to claim your awesome inheritance. It’s not easy and not a journey for the faint-hearted, but the rewards are so immense that it is worth way more than the dedicated effort that is needed to claim your inheritance.

If this writing strikes a chord of interest, I offer a free discovery session to see what the next steps to miracles are.

Blessings on the journey,

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