The unlimited LIFE – begins here.

Hi, thanks for joining me here at Your Own University – my name is Antiqua Lisha and I am the CEO here but beyond connecting you with amazing masterclasses and coaches from around the world here at Your Own University.  I work with amazing people from around the world transforming trauma so they can have the life of their dreams, and help others do the same. 

In this blog, I will share with you one of my most effective formulas for creating the life that is uniquely and gloriously made for you. Like a match made in heaven and heaven is on earth – right here, right now. 

We will be going deeper into this formula and make it more personal in a masterclass (get access to it LIVE and the replay by creating your membership here)  the LIVE event will happen April 2018 and the replay will be there too. 

The ABC’s to your amazing unlimited LIFE! (This formula is © of Antiqua Lisha Libbey INC.) 

A man (WOman) is what s/he thinks. 

Unfortunately many of our thoughts actually about 80% or more are not even yours.  They are your parents, your communities, your faiths, your childhood conclusions, your survivor, and habits – even the ones you really don’t like or agree with. Today, I am going to share with you a Trauma Transformational formula to recognize and shift your beliefs so you can easily and effortlessly get what you want. 

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The A,B,C, Formula – with Antiqua Lisha the Trauma Transformer

(First have something in mind that you would really love to have, be or do ie… more money, more time, more joy, more love, a mate, a lover, more clients (you get the idea). This is your A. 

Go through the A,B,C

In order to have/be/do ____A________, I need to ____________B__________. 

I can’t have/be/do ___________B__________ until _________C___________ happens. 

I know this to be true because my (mom, dad, teacher, media, coach, boss, therapist, doctor etc…) told me,  I have to _______B________ before I can have ________A__________. 

When looking at this belief in your life, you will begin noticing that you have one or two reactions: 

 (Choosing to go against what you were taught)

I notice I am rebelling against C because 

(Trying to agree with it and fit into the mold, even if it does not work)

I noticed I am doing all I can to be/do/have C (or B) but just can’t seem to get it right. 


I agree with them because I have seen/heard/experienced __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I disagree with them because i have seen.heard.experienced __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Once you know what your story is you can choose to change it. 

Do you really want A? 

If so, what would it take to give yourself permission to have/be/do _____A_______ without the story of B or C. 

There are a few more steps to this formula I will be sharing in the masterclass and I share in my signature course Amazing YOU. 

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