Trusting Our Feelings

By YOU partner – Myste Lyn

Our feelings are our inner guidance system.  In order to thrive and live up to our human potential, it is necessary that we first honor ourselves, including all of our feelings.  Feelings help indicate to us that something is not right.  We need to take the time to sit with and process our feelings in order for them to release; this allows us to to move forward in positive ways.

Some of our feelings may not have received the attention they deserve.  Through the practice of noticing and taking time now to listen to and honor our feelings, we allow our highest self to emerge.  When we shut down or do not allow our feelings to come through, they can stay stuck in our bodies and manifest in numerous ways that can affect both our mental and physical health.

In my course, Facing Fear: A practice of living peacefully with loss, participants are challenged to change their reactions to strong feelings.  We have a tendency to run from, avoid, fight against, or overthink feelings.  I teach how to accept and allow all feelings while connecting to our higher self who acts as an observer in this wonderful (full of wonder) time on earth that we call life…..  I know this may feel like a stretch now, but trust me, you can get there J

When we learn to feel our feelings and accept all parts of ourselves, we feel whole again, and begin to walk through life with a lighter step and smile in our heart.  For more information on this course, or to connect with me, go to  Until then be good to you, wherever you may be on your life’s journey.

You can use the exercise below to explore your feelings from the standpoint of your higher self.  This means you will simply act as a loving witness and hold no judgment.

Name your feeling, state how you usually react when you feel this feeling, and then state how you will practice reacting from now on (your intention):  Do this with as many feelings as you can.  Be sure to include the basic feelings: sad, mad, glad, afraid, and confused.  It’s ok if your new response is repetitive, repetition is how we teach ourselves new things.


Feeling                                __________________________________

Old ways of reacting      DSC00731 copy


New way of acting



(repeat this practice over and over again) 


MysteMy mission is to bring light to the dark clouds and taboos that surround death, dying and loss. During this unique time in human history, my sense is that once enough people, a critical mass, has overcome their fear of death and loss, and begun to view these experiences as potential for personal growth, then we will uncover latent human potential that will shift us globally into higher consciousness and the next era of life on earth.”

Through her ‘Bittersweet Breakthrough™’ program, she helps people navigate through the deep feelings and despair that can arise when faced with great loss. She is a gentle guide leading the way on the path to inner strength, confidence, and a reaffirmed faith in the future. Myste Lyn specializes in releasing fears; her genius lies in reconnecting people with their place of peace, what she calls the Inner Divine.