3 Steps to Let Your Frustration Uncover Your Purpose

3 Steps to Let Your Frustration Uncover Your Purpose

By YOU Partner Nicole Zaggman

Have you ever experienced a deep desire to do something more with your life? Do you find that you’re constantly thinking of what is next or what’s to come? When the next exciting event or experience comes and goes are you left wondering if you’ll ever experience this fleeting moment of fulfillment again? I remember after graduating college, I thought for sure my new career within the design industry, I’d find my purpose. Unfortunately, after several years, learning the differences between negative and positive work environments, I was still left feeling empty handed. I started to experience a taste of my purpose in the midst of this frustration.

As a result of some things I experienced in my earlier career, it led to a health crisis in my early twenties. I had a choice, I could either continue to flounder in my frustration, or move forward to discover what my true purpose was. I set out on a path to not only heal myself but to understand what made me unique and what made my heart sing. I’ll share 3 important steps that helped me use this deep frustration to uncover my purpose.

STEP 1: Be observant. What is constantly coming to you? A situation of deep frustration, difficulty or point of conflict? For me, this was not feeling like I’d ever be able to do something great in my life. For you it could be relationship troubles, trauma, emotional abuse, feeling alone in the world or even experiencing your own health crisis. After taking a look at your life, what is the most significant frustration you’ve had difficulty healing from or letting go from your past?

STEP 2: Ask questions. If you’re experiencing these situations over and over, there are definitely others in the world who are feeling these same frustrations. Pay attention over the next few weeks with those you come in contact with, get to know them and find out what they’d like to change or improve in their lives. Ponder what type of individual gravitates towards you and who do you feel the most comfortable interacting with. I challenge you to consider how you can provide a valuable service or program through this point of pain in your life.

STEP 3: Action plan. Now that you have insight into how your frustration can be used to impact the lives of others, put together a plan to offer your solution to the frustration. This is the step that will take the most dedication and thought as you might also be uncovering how to end your frustration. The process by which you come to this conclusion is the exact process you can take others through to help them discover their purpose. Your purpose will be uncovered as you begin to work towards understanding what special gift you possess, how you can begin to share this with the world and ultimately, make an impact on others in a larger way.


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NICOLEZAAGMAN-inpink-1.1NICOLE the creator of the Discovering Your Brand Story® Program, founder of LUX CHIX™ and host of the LUX CHIX™ Radio Show. When she experienced a health crisis in her early twenties, she was left feeling alone embarrassed and no longer beautiful. She set out not only to heal herself but to discover what she was really here to do. With her previous experience as a graphic, website, digital designer and professional photographer, she launched LUX CHIX™, a movement empowering health conscious WONDER WOMEN to create a successful LIFESTYLE follow their DREAMS. Her mission is to help women discover their special gift and impact the world in a bigger way. The majority of NICOLE’s work is focused on women in empty nest transition, asking: “who am I?”, “what’s next in my life?” and “what is my purpose?” LUX CHIX™ focuses on sharing products, luxury events and programs that help women end their frustrations and discover their purpose www.LUXCHIX.com.