Unmuted Expression ~ With partner Sally M.

By YOU Partner Sally Mercedes

There are places, people, and experiences that invite us to step into who we really are, that require our full, confident, authentic expression, our Unmuted Expression™.

Paris, my best friends, writing, singing: these are the things that do it for me.

Vector_Flower_000031Each time I accept the invitation, I am choosing to create the life I require, desire, and deserve on a bigger or deeper level. It means stepping to the edge, leaving my comfort zone, reevaluating what serves me, and listening, closely, to what is calling me. It means re-inventing my life and recommitting to myself.

There was a time when I failed to recognize these opportunities for what they are. Even a few years ago, I saw challenges or blocks or obstacles as things to break through, run from, or avoid. Now, I am learning more and more that they are simply invitations for invention. It is in these moments that I get to ask myself, “Is this who I really am? Is this who I really want to be? Is this how I plan to show up in the world? Is this adding value to my life?” If the answer to any of these questions is no, I get to create the yes.

Recently, I discovered that one of my responsibilities in this lifetime is to inspire and support the unmuted expression of others. I hid from this at first, thinking, “Surely, this can’t be right. I am small, I am quiet, I am often so afraid to say what I mean or mean what I say or express myself at all; what could I possibly have to contribute?” You know how they say that your mess becomes your message, or that your greatest challenge, suffering, or struggle becomes the thing you are able to teach because you’re the expert? Yeah, so that started to show up over and over and over again. The further along I got in my own development and rebirth, the more opportunities I received to help others who were just starting down this path, the path to rediscovering the real you.

I know now, of course, that the inventing continues for as long as we are alive and engaged.

So now I get to enjoy the journey, with a bit more color and a lot more sparkle, for that’s part of my unmuted expression. What’s yours?


Sally smallerAs the Unmuted Expression™ Mentor, I inspire and support you to express yourself fully, confidently, and authentically in your life, business, and creative pursuits by standing in your truth and reclaiming the power of your voice. It’s time for us to stop silencing ourselves and start unmuting our authentic expression. Discover the unmated expression movement at www.sallymercedes.com