Value of a small gesture, my ice tray challenge

Value of a small gesture, my ice tray challenge

By – Maxwell Ivey


If you want to feel better do something nice for someone who can’t do anything for you other than say, Thank you.


It can be the smallest of gestures such as a smile a hug, or a kind word to a stranger. It can be patiently waiting instead of complaining while waiting in line at the store checkout register.


A good friend of mine likes to give blood. She is a single mom who barely makes ends meet most of the time, but she enjoys being able to help others in need. And she says she looks good in the free t-shirt. 🙂


But I want to talk about something simple I started doing for my family that has been a big help to them and makes me feel good at the same time.


Earlier this summer it got so hot I started putting ice in my white tea and sometimes even in my coffee. I figured that if I were going to be using the ice I should be replacing it. So, I started checking the ice and filling the trays.


This isn’t easy for a blind person. Just imagine, doing all this with your eyes closed. First you have to fill the ice tray with water evenly and not overflowing the slots in the tray. Then hold it steady while you walk across the kitchen; to the freezer trying not to bump into anything. Including the freezer door and then setting the tray down in its place without spilling the water on the bottom of the freezer.


It’s not easy. I’ve even joked that <a href=”“>the AFB, American Foundation for the Blind</a> should have an ice tray challenge as a fundraiser. Have sighted people try doing it while wearing a blindfold and videotaping it.


I do sometimes spill on the floor and have to wipe it up. Other times I spill some in the freezer. But I keep a dry dishcloth handy and always wipe the freezer just in case. I don’t want icicles growing where the trays go.


The family really appreciates me doing this and say thank you to me for it at least two or three times a week.


I’ts a simple thin that takes me a few minutes a couple of times a day. But it is great for them knowing there will always be ice in there for a cold drink on a hot day.


And it’s great for me knowing that I can and am doing something to make the lives of the people I love easier and more enjoyable.


Try to take this attitude when taking out the trash or filling your wife or girl friend’s car with gas or just giving that friendly hello, smile, hug or compliment.


You don’t have to make something up. There is always something good about the other person you can mention if you open your heart and look for it.


and finding simple easy to do tasks that show your appreciation and brighten someone else’s day is great.


I want to challenge you to find something nice to do for or say to someone this Monday morning. Trust me, if you are feeling the Monday blues; nothing will make them go away faster than bringing a smile to someone else’s face.


I approach all aspects of my life by taking small steps every day that lead me closer to my goals.


This strategy has led me from being a morbidly obese man in a failing business I hated. To a physically healthy one who started his own business and now had a passion for life that makes every day an adventure.


If you need some help accomplishing your goals, then I urge you to reach out to me and <a href=”“>schedule a free 30 minute call</a> to discuss becoming one of my coaching clients.


I look forward to hearing what small gestures you decide to perform this week. Please share them in the comments section.


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Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I couldn’t do this without your support. Until next time take care out there, Max


maxwellTotally blind son of carnival owners who transitioned into helping people sell their equipment after the early death of his father forced the closure of the family's small carnival. while promoting that business I discovered my work online was inspiring others and decided to start a site to share my experiences as a blind entrepreneur offer coaching and public speaking and eventually write my first ebook a motivational one called leading you out of the darkness into the light a blind man's inspirational guide to success. Working on a second book and have created an online course to help others use radio shows to promote their brand. always open to new opportunities and rarely feel fear. looking to be the man to help people achieve their big goals and dreams.