Wake up with Energy!

Waking up with energy to spare and feeling sleek and confident in my workout clothes or formal wear make me a happy girl. But I have a confession to make. Keeping fit and staying energetic do not come naturally to me. I have to work at both. If I let my diet slide into the sugar zone (which I love, but unfortunately, it loves my hips more), I not only get cranky but my self-esteem plummets, and it is not so easy to get the extra sugar blues off my bum. For me, it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it. 

When I do slip off the wagon, I take my own advice and dive back into my own program, Divine in 9.  Not only does this help me get back on track, but it also gives me an opportunity to review the material and add in some of the latest research and information I have learned. It also allows me to connect with you again. When we re-launch the group program in early September, I promise that you will get fit, sleek and confident faster and with less effort.

As I went through Weeks 1 and 2 I realized that the true key to success, whether you are aiming to release 10 to 20 pounds and feel confident in your birthday suit or run a successful business, is awareness

We can plan and plan but if you aren’t aware of where you are, then it is impossible to plan where you are going. 

I want you to be fit, happy and fully empowered so you can hear Christ’s calling for you and follow no matter what obstacles might be thrown in your way. That is why I am going to open up the Divine in 9 Workbook for a sneak peak today and share the #1 MUST for any and every successful fitness or business goal.

In Week 1 of the Amazing YOU program, we focus on AWARENESS outside, as well as inside, the yoga room. As part of awareness, it’s important that we look at both our mental and physical practices. Understanding that our bodies need to be treated as a holy temple, it’s important that we take the time to understand how we have been nourishing our bodies up to now. The best way to do this is by keeping a food log, writing down everything you eat. This is not an exercise to open the door to judgment—it is simply an exercise to create awareness. Here is an example of how this has helped…

When Jean (we will change her name for privacy) began writing down what she was eating, as well as when and how she felt after her meals, she realized that whenever she ate dairy she felt sluggish and her mood dropped. She previously thought her moodiness was due to her children driving her crazy, but after removing cheese from the staples on her breakfast and dinner plate, she realized she was more patient, tolerant and understanding. She also lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks without making any other changes to her diet or routine. 


And that is just one example. Often when we try to lose weight, we count calories and eliminate fat, sugar, and processed foods. However, the big FAT loss blocker that keeps us unhappy and unable to release unwanted fat is often hidden food intolerances. Keeping a food journal is the ONLY surefire way to know how you too can release unwanted fat without restricting your diet, working out for hours each day or making food and fitness an idol. In keeping your food journal, write down:

  • What you eat.
  • When you eat it.
  • How you feel after you’ve eaten it.

After a meal, you should feel content but not stuffed or bloated. Try keeping track for a week and let your body share with you what foods help you live light and what is making you feel bogged down. 

I have many more nourishment tips and fitness secrets for you within the Amazing YOU Course that will help you be fit without the struggle, happy without faking it till you make it and closer to LOVE than you have ever allowed yourself to be. You are a divine child and you deserve to live as Love intended you to.


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