He walked out… finally now what

Ever been through a break-up or divorce?

Honestly, in the first years, I totally lost myself trying to turn into what he wanted me to be, and actually learning a lot and thinking to myself I flippin’ rock. However, no one was ever happy because I had given up myself to someone else’s definition of a wife or mother.

When I began to realize that it was time for me to stop trying to figure out what he wanted and figure out what I wanted, let’s face it the only way I was going to be happy was to BE happy. Just the same as the only way you are going to be happy is to BE happy.

As the years past, I was doing good with me, but WE not so much. Finally, he walked out. I was relieved, scared and a bit pissed.

What I did next was what set me apart from the many women who had gone before me.  I know it set me apart because I had spoken to them through the stages of many “post divorce” summits and stages (before I was ever divorced).  When I spoke it was all about self-love, self-care and knowing who you are. The stuff I had grown really good at.  However, without the experience of divorce, I had no idea the truth about what makes it so hard, for so many.

Tell me what you think (comment below). But for me and many of the amazing women who have walked through divorce the worst part isn’t losing the relationship that wasn’t serving them, it was losing the role that had defined them. It was the break up of the image, the dreams and the plans.

So I did something about it right away – to recapture myself and help me get through the fight and back to peace faster then many.

Would you like to know what I did? I will not only tell you but I will walk you through the whole thing.  I want to share with you this mini-course all about LOVE, true love and how you can get over failed relationships, create amazing ones now and have soul mate love.

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