What You Get With Confidence

A Y.O.U. article by Luci McMonagal

One of the most common yet indispensably pieces of advice you can get in your life is, “Have confidence!” This advice is a great one, but when not tried, becomes senseless. Trust me, this is really essential. Look at all the confident people. Look at the upsides they have. Look at how they’re having a good time with what they do. You know that their confidence is something worth mimicking, right?
Confidence Defined
According to the dictionary, confidence is a firm trust; belief in one’s own abilities; boldness. Basically, confidence means that you know the things you excel and the value you bring. It brings assertion of your self-worth.
Confidence is not like arrogance where in you believe that you are superior in a field even though you are not. True, genuine confidence doesn’t blind you from reality. Confidence is also contrary to low self-esteem where in you demote yourself or you think that you are less in value that you really are.
Helpful confidence is the one that lies in a point between arrogance and low self-esteem. The closer you are to the middle, then it’s the more you have confidence that’s healthy.
Benefits with Confidence

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Being confident has a lot of perks. It boosts both of your personality and performance. It helps you physically, socially, and psychologically. Know what you get with confidence here:
1. A Proper Posture
Heads up, straight back, etc. Confidence gives you a proper posture. When you’re low in self-esteem, you would mostly be slouching, looking on the floor, and more which is a result of being shy. Confidence allows you to be comfortable all the time, thus giving you a proper posture.
2. Better Leadership Skills
Being confident allows you to be a good leader, the one that people want to work with and trust. Leadership is never just about knowledge and skills. Confidence plays a big role in it. With confidence, you are more motivated, can take risks, you can lead with authority, find it less difficult to make decisions, get people to communicate, and accept feedback especially the constructive ones.
3. You will Experience less Stress
Confidence takes away your worrying issues. When you are confident, you no longer worry about if you did something wrong or right, thus taking away a lot of stress from yourself.
4. There will be no more need to Intentionally Avoid Conflict
Confidence gives you the capacity to fearlessly face challenges and conflicts because with it, you believe in yourself. This is unlike for those who are low in confidence just slide by and won’t dare to even attempt facing one.
5. You Rebound from Setbacks
This is another good thing with confidence, it won’t let you crumble. So what if you face rejection, falls, and setbacks in life? You know things like those won’t stop you from achieving what you want. You’d just pick yourself up, and return back to the field.
6. Life is more exciting
Confidence lets you take risks instead of passing on challenges. A more adventurous, exciting life is within you with confidence.

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