Yoga Sutra 21

Sutra 21

Nature and intelligence exist solely to serve the seer’s true purpose, emancipation.
When Eve took that bite from the apple and Adam followed they broke Gods law and God put them out. After this humanity has suffered a great loss, this separation from God has brought great suffering to humanity. However, God’s only goal is to be in relation with us for us and him to be together again like it was in the beginning before the fall of Adam and Eve. He has given us eyes to see and ears to hear and obstacles to overcome in his name, wisdom from the Bible and the Holy Spirit to draw us toward him, away from nature (the desires of the flesh).

He has sent his only son Jesus Christ to be killed and resurrected so our debt could be paid and he could pull us even closer to his side. I believe this sutra to be in alignment with the Bible stories; God (the seer) did design nature and intelligence to serve his purpose to draw us ever closer to once again live within his Kingdom. If emancipation means freedom from earthly desires, ego, pride and the rest and freedom to live with and glorify God forever then yes I believe he has set it all up, for his true purpose relation with his creation.