Yoga Sutra 22

Sutra 22

The relationship with nature ceases for emancipated beings, its purpose having been fulfilled, but its processes continue to affect others.

In other words, nature (sin, ego, intelligence, senses of perception, etc…) does not stop around us even when we are not being affected.

I have not experienced this emancipation or union with God. I feel lucky to have glimpses and times of grace. However, when I read this sutra it makes sense for those saints that do live in God’s constant grace. Even though they are focused, it does not mean that all those around them are not affected by nature.

If we could all live sinless lives, not affected by our senses and emotions, but just in love with God no matter the circumstances around us, don’t you think the Israelites or even Adam and Eve would have? We are sinners. Very few get to live on earth emancipated from nature, in total connection with God. This is why we need Jesus, he did this from birth to resurrection. He is our example. But more, he died to let us keep trying to learn to manage our thoughts, awareness, and senses. Without Jesus, relationship with God would be lost. Living outside of nature’s impact is very hard. Only with God’s grace is it possible.

I think the Bible agrees that even if someone (Jesus) lives and is not affected by nature, those around him still are.