Yoga Sutra 3 ( book 2)

Sutra 2:3


Avidya Asmita raga dvesa abhinivesah klesah.

This sutra itself describes the 5 conscious afflictions with Patanjali’s says are: ignorance or lack of spiritual wisdom, ego, pride or the sense of “I”, attachment to pleasure and aversion to pain, fear of death and clinging to life.

I went through the Bible and looked up each of these 5 afflictions to see what, if anything God had to say about them specifically. The Bible agrees, that all who are ignorant in the Lord will be lost. It is said over and over again we are to draw close to the Lord in everything we do as believers. In Corinthians 15:34 specifically states ( I summarize) as believers it is our responsibility to come to our senses, be grateful that we are not ignorant, and bring Christ to those who do not know him while living as examples of his loving nature. The Bible continuously teaches us to be full of Christ and not of ourselves. That in Christ alone we have eternal life. God directs all of man’s steps. He teaches us through our pains and pleasures, and with Christ, we need not fear death or cling to life. Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins, which makes up the ego and selfishness, God states that these ways are against his laws and will only result in more separation from him. We are instructed as Christians to continuously focus and study his teachings. God wants to have a deep relationship with all his children, which would fill us with wisdom and humble regard for his gifts.

I think the Bible agrees with Sutra Part2:3.