Yoga Sutra 36

Sutra 36

When the sadhake (the yogi) is firmly established in the practice of truth, his words become so potent that what he says comes to realization.

Iyengar gives this example “for instance if we say ‘I’ll never eat chocolate again, as long as one cell of our body holds back and disagrees with the others, our success is not assured… It is not our mind, but the inner voice of our cells which has the power to implement our intentions’.”

God says ask and you shall receive.

When we believe in complete faith Jesus creates great miracles. There are countless accounts of Jesus’ miracles that were granted due to someone’s complete faith in him. He healed, fed, and even raised people from the dead when people asked in complete faith. Still today great healing take place in the name of the Lord.

Does great faith mean that every cell agrees and believes? Wavering faith is when even one cell in our body has doubt. Read the many miracles and blessings that took place in Matthew. Especially the account of Peter walking on water, then doubting Jesus and beginning to sink before Jesus reached out his hand to walk him back to the boat. Matthew 15 where Jesus makes it very clear that our heart’s intentions through each word we speak is much more important than keeping man’s traditions.

I think the Bible agrees with this sutra. We must have clean hearts to create clean words and solid faith in the miracles and promises of God in order to fully recognize him in our lives.