Yoga Sutra 39

Sutra 39

Knowledge of past and future lives unfolds when one is free from greed and possessions.

Thou shall not covet. The tenth commandment.

As Christians, many believe that there is only one life here on earth. We have one life to live and serve God and then we are in waiting until he comes again to raise us up and take us home to heaven. In this sense, this sutra and the Bible disagree.

On the need to be free from greed and possessions the Bible and this sutra do agree. Read Matthew 19 again the story of the rich man. Jesus tells him (us) to go give away all our possessions and follow him.

Matthew 6 25-34 Do not worry, Jesus says not worry about anything, that he takes care of everything in nature and will also take care of us. We are told not to worry and to share, give away and not be greedy in life or love.

In this case this sutra and the Bible are in agreement, however, in God, we have one life.

I have a question about past and future lives. Which was brought up by God in passage Luke 9: 27 when Jesus tells his disciples “ I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”

Does that mean that they will not die because as I study I believe we have evidence that all died in the name of Jesus?

Many not a very pleasant death at all. So what did Jesus mean by that statement?

Since they are all dead and he has not yet returned. Could he be speaking of their souls and not their flesh, being in heaven or continuing to work in his name here until his coming?

Could past and future lives exist?

Until we are chosen or have proven our souls worthy by God to ascend, have they then ascended leaving their flesh, but never experiencing the pain of dying? So is it possible to live with God as Jesus is, sitting at his side?

This sutra leads me to think it is possible to ascend spirit, and would God give those of us who keep trying chances again and again?

I do not know, and I do not question much in doctrine, but this subject: future and past lives. Can we leave this in-between place of being and be only pure souls, light and free? Is there another way to eternal life with Jesus before the next coming of Christ and the end of this time?

In Sutra 43 God stressed Romans 8 Life through the Spirit, to me; which tells us how we are God’s children and how to know his spirit and be co-heirs with Christ. Can we ascend before, and would God give, normal following sinners that are working towards him in imperfection, more time than one mortal life to sit at his side.

Is he not also the creator of our spirit, our souls and the source of all life?

As Christians, Jesus should mean more to us than air. These passages have made me think about his greatness.

As Christians, Jesus should mean more to us than air. These passages have made me think about his greatness. I still am questioning this doctrine; that there is only one life. Maybe there is only one soul, but God gives us life or takes it away, or raises us to be at his side forever in free spirit, one, together, his Church, and he brings us up when he wants? If there was no life why would Jesus ask the disciples if they think he is was Moses or Elijah.

In a way there is only one life because we don’t remember the others at birth, we are all born infants to forget and start again. See… I’m still questioning… but the Bible is showing me my heart and not the doctrine here!  Wow!