Yoga Sutra 4

Book 1 Sutra 4 

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The translation:

Vita – fluctuation

Sarupyam – identification

Itaratra – at other times

The Sutra:

” At other times: The seer identifies with the fluctuating consciousness. “

The explanation:

This sutra simply states the fact that we are prone to focus many things, not only God and our likeness in Him but even more so in all the other distractions of the flesh.

What the Bible says:

The Bible dedicates an entire chapter to the meaninglessness of all the distractions and fluctuations of our focus in Ephesians. In order to not identify ourselves with all things meaningless and it is imperative that we fix our focus on all things of God and the realization that we are heirs to the throne alongside our Lord Jesus Christ, as children of God.  (Romans 8:17)

My conclusion – remember to always come to your own conclusion with God, for He is the teacher.

The Bible definitely agrees that we focus our attention on the fluctuating consciousness and in doing so stop living in unity with the Father as our Lord Jesus Christ did, yoga training helps us to do our part in fixing our attention on God, so by His grace, we can know His glory. It is our daily choice to practice Godly or Holy being and in all things offer this practice to God without expectation of results or outcome.