Yoga Sutra 47

Sutra 47

Perfection is an asana is achieved when effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached.

Again the Bible teaches nothing about doing asana. Actually, the Bible is not much of a how-to handbook. It is a relationship book in my opinion. God explains what laws to follow in order to live a pure life in Christ. He tells us about his kingdom and history and family. But he does not tell us how to be loving, kind, generous. He just tells us TO be. He does not tell us how to think of him always, he just tells us that we need to.

For this sutra, I believe that Patanjali’s how to do asana is worth listening too. Iyengar says in asana the yogi “can be considered firm in his postures when preserving effort is no longer needed. In this stability, he grasps the physiology of each asana and penetrates within, reaching the minutest parts of the body. …. In this way, he develops a sensitive mind. With this sensitivity, he trains his thinking faculty to read, study, and penetrate the infinite.”