Yoga Sutra 55 and the conclusion of Book 2

Sutra 55

Pratyahara results in the absolute control of the sense organs.

With God anything is possible.

In Book 2 of Patanjali’s teaching, he teaches yoga as how to achieve much of what God is telling us to do.

Follow his commandments, stay focused on him, know our shortcomings while not attaching to them or judging other people’s issues. To live in love, free from our human desires and sinful nature. If we can learn to master this through God’s grace and yoga practice, then we will be that much closer to living as Disciples of Christ.

Personally, I think I need all the help I can get. God pulls me close and allows me to punish myself by turning away from him over and over again. But he is always there waiting for me to turn back to let him love me again. If yoga can help me know God more deeply, feel his spirit guide me over my own desires, and help me be more aware of God than I am of my own body, I will give it a try. Pratyahara results in absolute control of the sense organs. Jesus walked on water, raised the dead, and healed the blind… I believe anything is possible when you are totally free in the Holy Spirit. God can do whatever he wants, even let me control all my sense organs.

My conclusion:

At the beginning of this Sutra and Bible study of book 2 of Patanjali’s yoga sutras, I was not sure what would happen. I was ready to give up yoga, to never practice or teach again. However, God has shown me so much more though this study. I now see where the Bible and God’s word directly disagree with the teachings of Patanjali. But for the most part, God’s laws and his wishes for our faith are in agreement with the teachings of yoga.

The Bible does not explain the physical laws of the body, it only teaches us about our relationship with God and his relationship with us and all of humanity. God expects us to figure out the how in order for us to do as he says and not give into our sinful nature.

Yoga is a discipline that can help us learn self-control, self-discipline, and awareness. It can strengthen and deepen our relationship with God through the study of his Word and awareness of God and his guidance through his Holy Spirit.

Thank you for joining me on this first visit into the Yoga Sutras and The Bible. Next, I will be going through the 1st book of Patanjali’s teachings and the Bible.