You are your greatest asset.

It's not easy DOing it all... when you forget to put you first.

This site is for the successful woman who KNOWS how much she can get done, but has forgot how important SHE is in her own equation. Let us help you remember!

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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

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You're in the right place!

You are successful, driven and want it all.

However, someplace in the midst of it all, you lost yourself.

Many of our clients are leaders in their field, mothers and top entrepreneurs - who woke up one day just like you and asked themselves "What am I doing all this for."

Have you looked down at your work badge suddenly realized you no longer look like the picture looking back at you?

Do you set good intentions to put yourself first... BUT then the computer is buzzing in the morning, you answer one email and 4 hours later, realize that you have yet to eat breakfast?

Are you stressed about what everyone else is doing, the deadlines, the soccer games and wondering if you and your love will ever get another date night?

When was the last time you focused on YOU?

It is our commitment here at Your Own University to help you HAVE IT ALL and when we say have it ALL we mean have all your power, your joy, your energy and YES your success.

It is all about balance.  As a member of the Y.O.U. online community you will get monthly workshops and daily inspiration to take your power back, refocus and discover the life hacks it takes to drop the overwhelm and keep the results.

Start learning about the 6 common area's you give your power away and lose yourself and how you can easily and quickly take your power back and get even more done (at work and home) in less time.

At Y.O.U. we succeed when you succeed.

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Meet Y.O.U.'s founder and discover the mission behind this amazing community, our workshops and our commitment to celebrating you!

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