You are your greatest asset. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing yourself.

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There is a cool confidence that follows a woman when she knows herself and what she wants. This book will help you discover yourself and welcome you to our community. Get instant your copy of the Y.O.U. e-media book instantly! And welcome to our community.

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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

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We support brilliant women who are done being defined by:

  • Magazine covers
  • Motherhood
  • Your climb up the corporate ladder
  • Your parents
  • Your husband or significant other
  • Your children
  • Your dress size
  • Your old story and past
  • Your success or lack thereof
  • The world outside yourself

Is this you?  THEN :)   You're in the right place!

Living a holistic, beautiful and abundant life is your birthright.

There once was a girl who felt unseen and misunderstood. No matter what she did, she could not please her parents. She tried to be "perfect," to earn the love she ached for, but nothing seemed to work. Over time, she developed the habits of over-working and over-achieving to convince the world she was enough--until her body could not take it any longer. Her adrenals blew out and she ended up sick, fat and tired. She was stressed out and overwhelmed.

Everywhere she looked, there was an expert promising to help her feel better, look better and have more energy. But every time she took their advice, she seemed to get further from her truth.

Until ... one delicious day she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She stopped letting the world define her and began to define herself. She asked herself powerful questions and practiced self-acceptance. She began studying herself, and her body began to regain its health. She started listening to herself and learned to speak to herself with language that fueled her desires. She learned how to raise her vibration and live in love.

Magic began to happen in her relationships. Supportive, loving and kind friends came into her life, and she loved herself enough to let the old stories go.

After this 20-year journey, she knew she needed to share her experience with others. So SHE DECIDED the kind of business woman she desired to be. And she teamed up with the amazing coaches here at Y.O.U. who live and walk their talk just as she does. Together, THEY bring this experience of self-discovery to YOU.

On this page you will find the 6 fundamental areas of your life along with online programs and tools brought to you by the coaches here at Y.O.U.  When you are ready, look in our directory and find your ideal coach in what ever area of your life you are seeking to FIND YOUR OWN answers, they have been selected because they know the questions to ask you to help you find your unique true north.  All the coaches here at Y.O.U. are here to help you define yourself, to take back your power and live your life on purpose. YOUR PURPOSE!

Welcome to our community of powerful women--who see ourselves and see each other.

Meet Y.O.U.'s founder and discover the mission behind this amazing community, our workshops and our commitment to celebrating you!

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