72 hours and I dropped the weight…

Drop the Weight


This week within the YOU Matter school of mastery’s online community I choose to walk everyone through the total weight loss cleanse.

If you are not yet a member and didn’t see the process you can join (for just a buck – and get access to it online)

Maybe you have gained weight because your diet is poor.  

Or because we have old beliefs that are weighing on us like – “adults get fat, that is just how it is.”

Others like myself hold on to the weight of stress.  It all shows up in every area of our lives weighing us down.

After years of working with clients around fitness and nutrition and releasing the past, I knew that fat is just a symptom of habits and crap weighing you down.

I think I lost a pant size at least, (without a scale I have no idea what I lost) but a few inches in just 72 hours and never going hungry is awesome. Now I am all set to put the “Love the Skin Your In” tools back to work in my life.  (you can access that free training here if you want)

So this is a journal from my heart to yours about how LIGHT I feel and a bit about what I did (which I share more of inside YOU Matter) throughout my week of cleansing, cleansing my soul, my mind, my emotions, and my body, and from it, I feel, think and embody myself even more.

The crap that came up this week to clear and cleanse was out of this world. I knew most of it was there weighing me down. But it was amazing to let it all go with intention on every level of my life,

I really enjoyed the cleanse with Julie’s jus it felt great and was easy to grab it and go – 6 drinks a day (plus my coffee and lots of water). My body feels better for sure.

My mind – wow the beliefs and agreements that came up were not all that shocking, however, how I cleared them, owned them and reframed them was. I am truly honored to know and share the powerful breakthrough work I do. New openings for self-awareness and professionalism came to be. I began a new journey in my own life, the certification at Y.O.U. is in the process of being ICF approved and new clients came into my fold, to focus on and love, train, and witness in their empowerment.

My emotions cleared, tears, anger, and blocks all over the place. It was not easy to access these hidden emotions that had to be trapped within me. Sadness that was years old, that at the time was too hard to be sad about – finally lifted from my heart. A curiosity was born – hmmm I wonder what is going to work out next, how is _____ going to be solved, etc… But what I have noticed from this cleanse is that by releasing these emotions how I am relating to other people’s opinions is different – clearer, lighter, and with little to no attachment. That is light for sure.

My soul, I feel more connected to my innate knowing and loving. To the mission of my soul to be a leader and light in the world standing up and helping others (and myself) end the cycle of abuse, to help those of you who are ready to embody your truth, stand up and change the world and love. I get to do this, it is my mission, I have been doing it and you are part of my tribe, the brave and wonderful souls alive to bring home heaven on earth through your own experiences. To live in balance with your body and your energy, to complete you souls missions and master your beingness. I feel so honored to be doing this. I don’t know if it is for one person a year or a bunch but no the scale I am doing it. The comparison and judgment of how my calling is supposed to look in the world – is what cleared these last few days.

A deeper trust and acknowledgment that I am doing it, and it is being done. I have been listening to my heart, sharing, serving and taking the sometimes confusing step in front of me for years and I have things to show for it, even if I am not a celebrity or master influencer now, I am still living my soul’s purpose 100% to the best of my ability and my intention is to bless those of you who are watching to do the same in your own life.

I am so honored to get to teach and coach and share what I do know with you and to link arms with you to change the world, change our own lives and live completely.  YOU light up my world!!  Seriously – the biggest ah ha I got from letting all the heavy crap go is how very much I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you – for your participation YOU LIGHT up my life.